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Sunday, August 19, 2018



.. like it or not..

The real question though, kids, is: are WE ready? It's just been sooooo long - so long since we've "regaled" you with our brand of (blatantly bad) "Entertainment" - so long since we've dipped into our bag of tricks - so long since we've dipped into anything! Yes - it's been YEARS since we've dusted off this ol' dog-and-pony show - even the jokes are mustier than usual.. not to mention these old bones of ours.. did I mention these old bones of ours, my memory isn't quite what it used to be.. BUT: throw you an old bone we will! And even some new bones! Because - at The Son Of Madblood we don't just aim to pelt you with bones - we aim to PLEASE! Granted - our aim is often off - way off - but PLEASE - let us please you! SO - ARE YOU READY???  

THE SON OF MADBLOOD is ready to rumble! Just listen to our stomachs grumble! We are hungry to hurl our fetid feeble fun upon you! Can you stomach it??

.. THE SON OF MADBLOOD is getting ready to deliver!

We're still trying to work some of the kinks out - not that we're opposed to kinks - or even The Kinks - but it has been a while so our kinks need some work.. but the hi-jinks are in the works! And we're busy workin' on wrangling a movie that will fit the festivities fabulously..

Up for consideration:

A classic of lost-parent paranoia.. PHANTASM!

..just an all-time fun-fave!

Senior Citizens vs money-grubbing developers.. HOMEBODIES!

.. tame but timely!

A werewolf in a retirement community.. LATE PHASES!

.. thematically potent! 

Which will it be? Tune in to THE SON OF MADBLOOD - 11pm - Sunday Sept 2nd - KGB (aka Madblood Manorette) - and see! And feel free to "vote" for the one you'd most like us to show - that red square on the side-bar there! We may even listen.. if we can get our hearing-aids working again!

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