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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post Labor Post Partum Post

The Son of Madblood DELIVERS!

Take a DEEP BREATH, kids - this could be painful! Just reeeelaaaxxx.. It'll be over before you know it!

Yes - your prayers have not been in vain.. Something is stirring in the Ether.. Something you've been waiting a lifetime for.. Or - at least a couple of years...

In just a few more days - THIS SUNDAY - SEPTEMBER 9th - it'll be time once again to raise your glasses and toast old friends. And Ooooollldd friends.. Time, again, to sit back and watch Mysteries unfold, Chaos take shape and "Entertainment" die a slow and limping Death.. Yes, kids - it's time, once again for The Return of The Son of Madblood!
Cheers, big ears! Ooops.. make that "Cheers, no ears!

It's been a while, we know - but we're dusting off the seats (actually - some steam cleaning was necessary - we have been alone here for so very long) and loading up on treats to bring you another of those inimitable nights you'll never forget.. No matter how hard you try! And we know you try...

Right this way... To FUN!
Yes - we're hard at work here at Madblood Manorette - getting things ready for YOU - so we'll keep this, at least, short.. Because - as anyone who's ever ventured into this adventure known as The Son of Madblood knows - a night spent at the Madblood Manorette is one loooong night.. OF FUN!

You don't find fun like this just laying around!

So join The Son of Madblood and his usual Gang of miscreants as they once again regale you with their ponderous puns and preposterous verbosity.. Jaws will drop, heads will be scratched, punch will be drunk and The MadRaffle will be won! By you, perhaps? You won't know unless you come - do you DARE? Dare! Be there! This Sunday! September 9th! 8pm! Madblood Manorette and all it's minions welcome you: 15 Park Row - Apt 16P - Manhattan! Ground Zero for Good Times!

The script is in the works as we speak! This one's gonna be a tearjerker, kids!

(This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by The "Friends" of The Son of Madblood.. Stay tuned for more MadBlogs from your regularly scheduled programming)