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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Chopping Is Here!

I know - I know.. We've been a heck of a lot behind here - getting back into the swing of things way too slow.. but - with the Halloween Holidays and the Big One Year Anniversary - we were just a tad bit in need of some R'n'R (Rye on the rocks) around here. Plus - it took me an extra long while to just wash all the pie out of my naturally curly locks. I needed a whole wash-and-set with a hot-oil treatment!

But we haven't just been lying here doing nothing - doing our hair and resting on our One Year laurels. No. We've been putting together a little surprise for you - our loyal fans.. Yes, kids - Black Friday and Black Tuesday have come and gone and it's time to battle tourist and townie alike in the race to get that special someone that something special...some..one...thing..some..special... Why risk you neck and limbs and life, even? Out there in the throngs with the not so huddled masses - that is, unless they're huddling to determine the best strategy for separating you from that last whateveryamacallit-hot-this-year-item that you happened to un-luckily end up standing there holding - you haven't a chance!

So - why not get some of your shopping done right here at Madblood Manorette? You heard me right - the Gang here have got the gifts that keep on giving... ummm... no.. not THAT 'gift' that keeps 'giving' - the one that won't go away no matter how much Penicillin you bombard it with.. no, no.. What I mean is:

The MAD-MALL is open for business!

(even if you do have to click on it a few times to get it to work)

It's just opening up so we still need to get it all stocked - poor Igor has been working his stocky stock-boy fingers to the bone unloading boxes and popping those packing-bubble-sheets. Pretty soon, now, the isles will be overflowing with the best that we here at the Manorette can offer - all for your shopping satisfaction. We believe that the customer is always white.. or we keep a close eye on them for shoplifting... Your pleasure is our business. If you're not happy - we're not doing our job. And we believe that. And we believe other stupid truisms like: if it's not worth doing right - it's not worth doing at all. Or: where there's smoke there's fire - sometimes it's just smoke! Yes - your laziness is our bread and butter.
Shop at your own risk. You break it - we break you...

And don't delay - the next Son of Madblood looks to be coming round the corner on Sunday December 14th! So - get all your stockings stuffed and then come back here for some roasting-on-the-open-fire chestnuts in the coming soon updates.. What will we be showing next? What excitement? What fun? What Mad-Raffle prizes? A 3-D Son of Madblood in the works? Hold on to your hats!

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