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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The "Lost" Episode...

Yes - this was the Episode where The Son of Madblood almost lost his show to marauding Revolutionaries! Secessionists in the Laboratory! Anarchy all around! Turncoats! Spies in my soup!
What started as an innocent, amiable Dead-Presidents'-Day Celebration quickly devolved into debauchery on all sides... et tu, Igor? Stabbed in the back by the most trusted of Hunchbacks...
It's hard to fault him, however - the Lab was ripe with the noxiously nefarious emissions emanating from a particular Brain in a bowl claiming Eminent Domain! His blood lust overtook allies and swayed our happy home to frenzy and panic... The result: B.A.R.F. - Brain's Armed Revolutionary Faction.. A coup disguised as a bid for Independence!
In the end:
One Dead President, dead again - Lincoln assassinated! Left dying in The Son of Madblood's arms - loving the Theater till the very End...
A second Dead President, barely escaping with his dignified Death intact as a would-be-assassin's bullet just misses Andrew Jackson's dead heart. His valiant efforts to quell the Revolution did not go unrewarded as...
A third Dead President stepped triumphantly in: the Rough Rider, himself - Teddy Roosevelt! He and his big stick put the miscreants in their place.. The Son of Madblood show was saved!
And all through this turmoil the audience feasted: on Herschell Gordon Lewis's Two Thousand Maniacs and Kentucky Fried Chicken!
All was not lost.... The Son of Madblood goes on!

Yeeeeeeeee Haw!

Y'all come back, now, ya hear? The Son of Madblood returns with an all-new Spring Season Terror-filled lineup!
(and doncha fergit to take a gander at the Son of Madblood Mad-Mall - git sum shoppin done! Then - sit a spell an put yer feet up an enjoy them movin pictures from that there first season of shows..)

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