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Friday, September 26, 2008

Which Finley Do YOU Fancy?

Just a few of the many faces of Finley.. It's getting more and more likely that he'll be our man in one form or another for this next Episode of The Son Of Madblood.. Make your pick:

Family Man Finley - Eaten Alive?

Magic Man Finley - The Funhouse?

Musical Man Finley - Phantom of the Paradise?

For me - any Finley is good Finley.. I'm particularly partial to the highly stressed-out Father (go)figure of Eaten Alive.. And, ok - so Eaten Alive is not really in the running for this next Episode - but someday soon - I'm promising you.. Oh - and then there's that sweetheart Emil from Sisters.. talk about suave...

1 comment:

Her, Suzanne76 said...

that sweetheart emil..yep, wouldnt hurt a fly.
oh finley , you'll be missed!