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Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Mad-Ness Is Up-On Us!


The first Episode of our hotter-than-the-weather-we've-been-having Spring Season was a hit! Standing Room Only as opposed to the usual Single Room Occupancy we're used to around Madblood Manorette.. With Episode 2 ahead (Sunday - May 10th!) we hope to keep the (disco) ball rolling...

Lasers! Lights! Ludicrous Sound Systems! Fog! Dancing and Disco Punch! It's all part of this Episode's Murder Rock Sock-Hop! So bring your dancing shoes. And bring your Moms (it's that Special Day, after all) - go ahead - rub it in.. no matter that I, The Son of Madblood, was raised an orphan... and that most of my cast will be away - visiting with their own dearest ones.. a pleasure I shall never know... No matter - we're gonna DISCO!

(Disco'd to DEATH!)

To get back to our last Episode for a moment - and to further revel in it's astounding success: we had left the choice to you - dear fans - as to which Texas Chain Saw Massacre we'd show (although - actually - only the first one was "Chain Saw" - all subsequent films were the one-word "Chainsaw" - go figure!). The race was neck to neck.. with the 50-1 odds Mine That Bird pulling out in front by 8 lengths... No, wait... that was The Kentucky Derby... Our race was won - fairly surely - by Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - a fitting tribute to the man we were honoring that evening - Lou Perryman - who, as radio-station assistant, L.G. - steals the show and has his skin stolen to boot! We built him a little fry-house:

In deference to the suggestions of a couple of South By Southwest big-wigs that we try the tried and true formatting of a standard Late-Night-Talk-Show - The Son of Madblood became "The Laterest Show with The Son of Madblood" and gave that Fallon schlub a real run for his money - he's "Fallon" behind like Friesan Fire on a sloppy track (again, for you Derby fans).. Fallon flails for sloppy seconds!

(Minnie is the premier guest on the short-lived "The Laterest Show")

Alas - the format proved to rigid and the majority of guests too unruly for our laid-back, off-the-cuff, willy-nilly temperaments - although Igor and His All Hunch Backing Band really did lay it down... I, however, am still apologizing for that "Opening Monologue"... And my Landlord is still griping about getting bumped from the show when we "ran long"... Which forced me into a promise we'll all surely regret on THIS Episode: I got suckered into giving him a spot as a guest DJ for our Disco Party... You'll have to tune in to witness the horror of it all... If you DARE!

(That ain't no Texas oil!)

And - stay tuned! As laid out in our last Madblood Missive: the 3rd Episode of The Son of Madblood Spring Season is COMIN' AT YA! (Not the movie Comin' At Ya! - for those who remember the 80's attempt to re-kindle the 3D craze - of which the movie we are showing was part of) Yes - Friday the 13th - 3D! Right here at Madblood Manorette! Glasses provided! Duck! It's a machete! Headin straight for YOU! And have we got a few of our own surprises aimed right for your hearts and minds... You will GASP!

(don't be a Dizzy Dean - we've got the glasses!)

AND - continue to stay tuned! Because in June (date TBA) The Son of Madblood celebrates Father's Day (and, alas, the Father I never knew) with the AWESOME-EST Father-Flick you've maybe never seen: It's Alive III: Island of the Alive! Larry Cohen's full-on, full-tilt, full-weird pay-off to his It's Alive tri-fecta.. You'll laugh. You'll scream. You may even cry a bit...

Michael Moriarty! Karen Black! Mutant babies! Don't miss it! Bring your Dads! (Alas - something I could never do...

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