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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Back and Outta the Sack!

Just when you thought Sunday nights were safe again - just when you thought it was time to relax - yes - just when you thought your life was your own -The Son of Madblood returns! With a vengeance. With a purpose and a plan. And with more fun than you can shake a stick at... You kids have had your break - you’ve had your Summer fun. Now - it’s OUR turn - to TURN YOU ON! That’s right - we’ve been gone far too long and we’re readier than than a randy orangutan to swing into the jungle of television-type “entertainment”! That’s right, all you lucky “fans” - The Son of Madblood gang is back with it’s first historic two-part Episode to start off this Fall season - en francaise: “saison”..You heard me: back-to-back(ish) Episodes of “ecstasy”! No more waiting MONTHS to find out what we’ve been up to here at the Manorette - with the first Episode of the double whammy scheduled for THIS SUNDAY - OCTOBER 25! And we know you’ve been waiting..and waiting..and waiting... and - what? You weren’t waiting?

(The "eyes" have it - The Son of Madblood is BACK!)

It has taken us quite a while to recuperate from our last foray into the unknown - that ill-conceived adventure into the Third Dimension to Camp Crystal Meth. Our bodies - wracked with pain indescribable (the Transducer that catapulted us into the Third Dimension being hell on anybody over.. ah-hem.. 35). Our minds - fried like rice.. or - flied rike lice, as they say.. But- we delivered as promised: The Son of Madblood was IN Yo FACE, DOG! It was drama at it’s most real as we practically came to life in heart-stopping 3-D..

(Roughing it at Camp Crystal Meth)

However, to NOT deliver on a promise: the previous post’s promise of an upcoming It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive has since fallen fallow. The high-minded plans for that special Father’s Day Episode proved too emotionally draining for this Fatherless Foundling - The Mother’s Day Episode was enough torture for one season! Give a lonely soul a break, will ya! But - don’t cry, kiddies - all broken promises will soon be forgotten - will melt away like ice on Satan’s nipples - once you’ve seen the mind-twisting inscrutability, the pulse-pounding horror, the brow-furrowing weirdness that is Phantasm! Yes, you lucky duckies - we are going to freak you out with one of our very own all-time favorites - a film that lives in a world of it’s own and in our hearts. There is nothing like Phantasm (except, maybe - Phantasm II - The Ball Is Back, Phantasm III - Lord of the Dead, or - Phantasm IV - Obl(IV)ion - but this, the first, is, as the French say: première). Consider it our treat to you this Halloween season..

So - get ready to fall in love all over again... The Son of Madblood has your heart in mind (for my next experiment!)..

(The Never Dead? Whatever you call it - don't call it late for dinner!)

And...maybe if you’re good - you just may get It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive NEXT WEEK! What, you say? Already another? Astounding, no? Two weeks in a row? Unheard of in these parts! But, that’s right, all you Doubting Donnas, all you Skeptical Steves, all you Waiting Willies and Frightened Friedas - this week’s Episode is a CLIFFHANGER! So - hold onto your seats and put up your feets - we’re diggin’ in. The Son of Madblood gives the people what they want! If what they want is us, that is...

(Just look at how much the people want us!)

Be sure not to miss this week’s show - or you’ll never understand next week’s! And, don’t miss next week’s show - or you’ll never know “the truth” about this week's! Or - heck - skip ‘em both if you’re some kind of loser and like it that way.. BOOOOOY!

(You'd better come - or we'll send The Tall Man after you!)

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