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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers...


Yes - it's that time of year again, kids.. Time to kick off another golden Season of The Son of Madblood! It's been a long time coming, granted - and we know you're probably about ready to take ANYTHING, however meager, we can force down your eager gullets - but, boy, have we got SOMETHING for YOU!

Something OLD
- old, familiar faces like Bones Malone! Brain! Igor! Minnie! The Jewish Shark Landlord! It's time to reconnect!
Something NEW - new cast members like Tooth-Pac Shak-hare! What? The Touchy Traveling Salesman! Who? The Son of Madblood keeps it fresh!
Something BORROWED
- as in: most of the jokes...per usual... But - that's what you're here for!
Something BLUE
- The Son of Madblood will be blue - if you don't come to our All-New-Season-Premier on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28th at 8pm (Eastern Time)! And we don't mean his balls.. do we? Or, maybe - just maybe - this will be the blue-est show we've ever done... Curious? Tune in and find out! Just remember - it's a family show!

It's been a long, hard Winter here at Madblood Manorette and we are ready and rarin' to start heatin' things up... Yes - Spring is our saison d'être, as they say en France (or is it our saison d'État?) - and The Son of Madblood is ready to spring forward none too late.. The clock is set! The die has been cast! Who in the cast will be the first to die?

Igor heating things up in the old Green Room...

It's about to be a new era here at The Son of Madblood.. Tis Spring! Tis the Season of re-birth! Tis Wabbit Season! And we're hopping headlong into it... Sleeping Beauty awakes! Dust off that ol' piana - get ready to shake a leg - The Son of Madblood Gang are springing into action in a BIG WAY and are going to blow your mind and open your eyes to sights unseen! Have we got a whoopee of a show for you, kids... The special effects, alone, are going to be worth the price of admission! (Well, ok , admittedly - the admission price is free, as always.) And our movie this show is a well sung and well hung classic of the post-Manson dark side of hippie free-love-Satan-worship-cultdom gone amok!

Look what's popping up at The Son of Madblood!

It's 1970's I Drink Your Blood (starring Bhaskar - shown in "full glory" above!) and it will leave you reeling... and, maybe, retching.. Just look at all that... Bhaskar!

Naked, demurely posed hippies love Satan!

The poster says it all:

To be precise, however - the poster should rightly read: "Rabid, Drug CRAZED Hippies on an INFESTED Blood Killing Rampage!"

But we think BoogerBoyMeister (!?!) says it even better:

"There are NO zombies in the movie..and there's no one-eyed monster thing either..."

He's not only observant - but he's got a fool-proof money-saving plan! He-he...

And YOU can save money , too! Don't buy it - don't even rent it - see it at Madblood Manorette with the Gang - all for FREE! With popcorn! With prizes! With paltry entertainment! Paltry? We mean "plenty"!

We'll throw another shrimp on the barbie for ya.. Wait - that ain't shrimp!

And here's the exciting, dramatic and somewhat understated trailer for David E. Durston's I Drink Your Blood to further whet your appetite (the I Eat Your Skin is just a fish-tale - there isn't a frame of that movie anywhere in the trailer):

This HOSE.. in - I Drink Your... what?

And you thought you knew all there was to know about naked, drug-crazed, Satan-worshiping, free-love hippie cultists... "I drink your milkshake" has NOTHING on I Drink Your Blood! And the music is better, too...

Come see it - and see The Son of Madblood Gang up to some new shenanigans.. Not the same old monkey shines! New thrills! New spills! New non-pareils!

Remember - too much candy will rot your teeth and cause your head to fall off!

The Son of Madblood Pledge:
You will love this movie so much that you will e-mail BoogerBoyMeister immediately after seeing it and offer to but his copy if he didn't already give it to somebody!

Stay tuned for more Son of Madblood excitement coming soon! Good night, gang - and thanks for turning us on...

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