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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Return of The Son of Madblood!


That's right, kids - The Son of Madblood is back from the grave and ready to RAVE!

Get ready to chuckle it up again! Or upchuck again...

As the days grow shorter and the chill of Fall creeps into the air many people suffer from what we Doctors (and many REAL Doctors) call Seasonal Depression. Well - it's time to stop your crying because The Son of Madblood has just the prescription to cure your woes: you can come suffer through our Brand New Episode, instead! And relief is just around the corner so come get your fix on Saturday October 23rd at Madblood Manorette! Oh, woe you don't!

Yes - it's been a loooong not-so-hot Summer and The Son of Madblood Gang has been completely AWOL through it all... Where the hairy and the Hendersons heck have they been? What shenanigans have they been up to? Were they thrown in jail for disturbing the peace or stealing cigarettes? Did The Son of Madblood become a priest? Or - have they been spending this whole time cooking up the BEST EPISODE EVER for your enjoyment? Sorry - that last one's a "no"....

Wasted time...

Yes - it seems like YEARS since the walls of Madblood Manorette has echoed with the sound of our faithful audiences' laughter... Always and forever, you say? Well, years and years and years, at least. And how many years does that add up to? Count 'em. Years and years and years. That's right - it's a fact: it's been 3 YEARS, now, that The Son of Madblood has been filling the Manorette with echoes... It's about time we got some actual laughter up in there! 3 YEARS of our flailing attempts at Entertainment. 3 Years of Lights, Camera and Inaction. 3 Years that that special Son of Madblood mix of mayhem we euphemistically call our "show" has been dismaying our always baffled and often sparse audiences. That's right, kids -it all adds up to The Son of Madblood's 3 Year Anniversary Special! Yes - it's our Leather Anniversary - and, boy, do we look leathery after 3 years of doing this!

The ravages of time...

But, this time around, kids - the Gang at Madblood Manorette can positively guarantee the LAUGHS. Because this time, kids - The Son of Madblood is presenting the comic-horror zombie masterpiece de resistance that is Return of the Living Dead! Aka: ROTLD! Or - en Francais:

So much more provocative en Francais!

Scuz! Trash! Suicide! All apt descriptions of an evening spent watching The Son of Madblood. But - no! These are really the names of but a few of the colorful characters you'll find in Return of the Living Dead!

Just me and the boys...

Punks! Zombies! Zombie Punks! Clu Gulager! Don Calfa! And TARMAN!

Let's dance!

Written and directed by The Son of Madblood fave, Dan O'Bannon, of Dark Star, Alien, Dead & Buried, Lifeforce, Screamers and Total Recall fame (just to name a few) - this movie has more BRAINS than ever witnessed on a witless Episode of The Son of Madblood! Yes - brains and boogie to burn with a soundtrack featuring Rocky Erickson, The Cramps, T.S.O.L., The Flesheaters, The Damned, Tall Boys and 45 Grave! A soundtrack that has all the earmarks of a great Mad-Raffle Prize... Feelin' lucky?

It's time to smile again!

That's right, kids - The Son of Madblood is back to boggle your brains once again - so put your money where our mouth is and your derriere in a chair at Madblood Manorette (please not the other way around) on October 23rd and help us celebrate our BIG 3 Year Anniversary! If you DARE!

Trash dares - to get BARE!

Oh - but, like some jazz - it's free - so you can forget that part about the money... Just check out Zooroonies, here, for some more money-saving tips regarding ROTLD:

Actually.. actually..actually.. Wait! Do the zombies TALK?

And at Zooroonies' suggestion - we will spare you the aforementioned so-called "absolutely ridiculous" trailer... And you're right, Zooroonies - don't be fooled! Whatever you've seen or heard - THIS Episode of The Son of Madblood aims to please! Well, yes - we ALWAYS aim - but now we've got glasses! So, until showtime - goodnight, gang - and thanks for turning us on...

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