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Monday, November 8, 2010

Get your vote ON!

The Son of Madblood Horror Movie Election Poll is OPEN!

The short of it: Send The Son of Madblood a list of YOUR Fave Horror Movies! As short or long a list as you please (well - try to keep it no more than 20, if you please, please). Sure, a list of 1 is just as much a list as a list of 10 or 20 - only shorter!

The order they're in doesn't matter: WE tally the votes - YOU see the results! Just send your Nominations to: and we'll do the rest.. or, Brain will do the rest, actually...

Get your list in by Thanksgiving! And then come to Madblood Manorette on November 27th (tentatively) for the Next Episode of The Son of Madblood and a special Election Day Sur-prize!

Get to voting, kids! It's the Patriotic thing to do and it's your RIGHT as a Fan of The Son of Madblood...

For more info on The Son of Madblood Horror Movie Election Poll get the loooong of it HERE.

And - to help you get started: check out The Son of Madblood's own Nominations right HERE!

1 comment:

Xanax Gussione said...

My vote goes to "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" because she reminds me of me!!!