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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Son of Madblood gives it to YOU!

In The Ear!

The Son of Madblood's got a blog-y notion - he's done it again - over by the corner... Actually, not over by the corner - down over there on the sidebar. See it? That's right, kids! It's a new Feature here on the Mad-blog:

Tinnitus Treats!

We bring this to you in honor and celebration of The Son of Madblood finally having made it onto his Dream-Queen's horror-movie blog, Final Girl, for her Final Girl Film Club: The Funhouse Edition! And, as such, we lead off this new Feature with the dramatic score from said film...

John Beal's score for Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse was only released as a promotional item when the film came out - so it's not like you can drop by your local Tower Music..um.. your local Peaches.. um.. you probably can't get it on Amazon. But - have no fear - get it here! One of you Lucky Lucys or Larrys won a copy of this from the Mad-Raffle the night we screened the movie - now everyone can feel like a winner! Even if you didn't win! Even if you're a "not-winner"! Just click on the Album Cover image in the sidebar to download it! It's our treat to your ears. We love your ears!

And we'll be adding more soundtracks of our lives here at Madblood Manorette to the Tinnitus Treats - mostly music from films we've featured on The Son of Madblood - for your easy-listening enjoyment. Who of you isn't slavering for a copy of that soundtrack to The Return of the Living Dead? Or the mind-melting Driller Killer score? Play it LOUD! Play it PROUD!

And if you've got a notion to read what The Son of Madblood had to say about The Funhouse - you can READ IT HERE, ALREADY!

And don't forget to get your lists in for The Son of Madblood Horror Movie Election Poll 2010! Pronto, Tonto!


Nathan Gelgud said...

Dead Zone, because I've never seen it. Or The Brood, because I've never seen that.

I am The Son of Madblood said...

Ok - so we might NOT be showing either of these on the next show. But your suggestions have been an inspiration through the perspiration of deciding: we may very well be showing David Cronenberg's first real foray into horror movie feature films - Shivers (aka: They came From Within)!
And - if you come to the show - you can borrow either or both of those from The Son of Madblood dvd library!
Thanks, Nate!